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However, Little Dipper doesn't appear in the game although in the live-action film 102 Dalmatians, he is always seen together with them.
Army Tank - Encountered in the Piccadilly, Lumber Mill and Hedge Maze levels.
Level: Cruella kruti dev 016 font software IV : This is the final level; defeat Cruella and you win the game.Devil - Encountered in the Carnival, Countryside and De Vil Manor levels.Remote-controlled Roadster (Cruella's car) - Encountered in the Regent's Park and Piccadilly levels.In the demo version, the Dalmatians are referred to by different names: Domino is called Patches (despite having Domino's spot pattern, though lacking his domino tag Oddball is called Dottie (with the tag on game asta the war of tears and winds her collar missing as well and Dipstick is called Pongo.Demo Version An early demo version of ir remote control codes database this game appeared on the "PlayStation Demo Disc Version.4".But fear not: a pig named Priscilla has you do chores in exchange for the gate to be opened.Level: Cruella I : Cruella is attempting to catch you and prevent you from starting the "Barking Chain." Use pineapples on catapults (and extra help from the tower's bell) to force her into submission.Level 9: Countryside : Ah, a peaceful terrain in the early morning.102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue.
Appearances As the two main protagonists, Oddball and Domino appear throughout the entire game (depending on which the player chooses, of course).
Level: Cruella II : You are trapped in a small pen with watermelons as you are terrorized by Cruella via boat.
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Developer, crystal Dynamics, publisher, eidos Interactive, platform(s).
Toaster Robot - Encountered in the Royal Museum and De Vil Manor levels.
Throughout the game, the puppies have to rescue their siblings, fend off Cruella's henchmen, and Cruella herself several times, while navigating through all kinds of terrain, leading up to a final battle at Cruella's toy factory, during which Cruella (and her "Dot Com Darling.Level 14: Hedge Maze : Manny returns to give you tips on how to get through a hedge maze that stands in front of Cruella's mansion.The game features a different timeline and an entirely different plot.Zeppelin - Encountered in the Big Ben and Hedge Maze levels.If the player loses a life and have not reached a checkpoint, you will be sent back to the levels starting point.Checkpoints within a level are places where the player will be sent back if you lose a life, and are marked by a parrot named Waddlesworth.In the video game, Domino and Oddball were the rescuers, whereas in the film, although Dottie was captured, Dipstick was not.Level 11: Ice Festival : Enjoy the winter wonderland as you meet a snow bunny named Crystal, shoot down toy biplanes, and have another run-in with Jasper.Based on this, as well as the mother Dalmatian (Dottie in the game, though possibly Perdita in the demo if Dipstick is Pongo) concerned about how their pups are missing again, it can be possible that the game was intended to have been set.Screenshots Menu The rest of the family Domino and Oddball discussing if they disobey their parents or not Dottie and Dipstick accusing Cruella that she stole their pups Dipstick as he appears in the game Dipstick telling the pups not to get in trouble "Listening".All DatesUnspecified (315)Mar 31 (1)2000 (1)2001 (1)2002 (2)2004 (2)2005 (1)2006 (4)2008 (1)June 29 (1)Oct 19, (1)12/29/07 (1)1980 (1)1980s (1)1981 (2)1983 (1)1985 (1)1989 (1)1990 (4)1991 (12)1992 (6)1993 (41)1993/199 (1)1994 (86)1994-199 (2)1995 (173)1995-199 (1)1995/199 (1)1996 (325)1996 - 1 (1)1996 - 2 (1)1996-199 (3)1996-200 (3)1997 (432)1997 -.(2)Aug 10, (1)Circa 20 (1)Feb 5, 2 (1)GFI (1)Jan 15, (1)January (2)Jun 24, (1)June 29 (1)Mar 25, (1)March 28 (1)May 2, 2 (1)n/a (3)nor Rele (1)not Rele (1)Nov 30, (1)Oct 31, (1)Release: (1)Septembe (2)unknown (1)Unreleas (5).