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Books 4 through 6 will be written by 1000640m/ Roland Smith, Linda Sue, and 1000640m/ David Baldacci!The 39 Clues, orphans Dan and Amy Cahill are given a choice at the reading of their grandmother Graces will: inherit a million dollars each, or go a hunt for 39 Clues leading to the greatest power ever known.Travel back to the days of Gideon Cahill and Damien Vesper to read about the rivalry that shattered the Cahill family.My second book, 7, The Vipers Nest ) was voted #3 in the 2010 Goodreads Choice Awards for Middle Grade and Childrens books.The Vespers are full of ruthless people who would do anything to succeed and are not a family, while the Lucian branch are full of determined leaders and spies that are family.Powerful enemies the Vespers have been waiting in the shadows.
If you havent been hooked yet, you can read an excerpt from Book m/pdf/medusa_prologue.
The Black Book of Buried Secrets, Rick Riordan stated that every author agent (i.e.
Vespers, which debuted on August 30, 2011 with Book 1, The Medusa Plot, and December 6 with Book 2, A Kings Ransom, written brilliantly by Gordon and Jude (respectively).
Arthur Trent, Dan and Amy's father, was part of a family that had ties to the Vespers, but after marrying Hope, disowned himself from the family.
Dan and Amy choose the Clues, and they find theyre part of a secret family that goes back 500 years.Official identity: Damien Vesper III, aka Riley McGrath, Dave Speminer.The Cahills were wrong.M the 39 Clues lives on!As stated by, william McIntyre, "They make, isabel Kabra look like Mother Teresa and that from the reader's standpoint, Isabel is generally considered the worst, cruelest, and most ruthless Cahill.But another family is after them, with a secret plan database management system pdf ebook of unimaginable evil!This story is so important that four of us banded together to create an eleventh book to the series: Vespers Rising.Whoever finds the secret becomes the most powerful person on earth.Thomas Jefferson Cards, card Combo.They thought they were the only ones who knew about Gideon Cahill and his Clues.My amazing fellow author/agents are 1000640m/.It is also possible that the Vespers control the FBI because when you search Vespers in the FBI database it deletes all your files(confirmed on Cahills.Contents show, history, the Hunt was always leading to this.Finally, flash forward to the present to join Amy and Dan as they prepare to fight their new enemythe Cahills historic rivalsthe Vespers.