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NEW: (untested in MP) Auto-smoke script that emulates a smoke grenade throw without locking the unit in the "the stars are so beautiful today" mode.
This should help the aiming of AI units attacking them change: Mechanized stryker and bradley groups: strykers GL replaced with MG versions, added woodland (actually multicam) version of dismounted squad, fixed UCP marksman class name change: Moved undercover skodas to the civilian vehicles group change.
Updated ruck related scripts to support the new 556basd ruck mags change: M136 AT4 buffed to be able to kill a russian BMP-3 (as that vehicle's armor was buffed to withstand 50 cal) change: A bit less dispersion for suppressed rifles Other NEW: EXT versions.
Games/Software Do You Need : Artikel Action Games, Artikel Mission Games, Artikel Pc Games, Artikel Shooting Games, Tag : Action Games, Mission Games, Pc Games, Shooting Games, Arma Cold War Assault Pc Game Screenshots: Arma Cold War Assault Game System Requirements: Windows Xp,7,Vista,8, ram: 256.Every single infantry unit has been painstakingly revised to both streamline them further and revise both faces and section count.Helmets are now less protective than before (now the most advanced ones can only protect up to two.62 shots) change: Russian CT medic now uses the new Bizon change: Loadout definitions increased to incorporate several 556BA assignments change: Moved slots and unit icon definitions.If you're curious about what has exactly changed take a look at the changelog below.FIX: Fixed "Self heal" action menu spam when respawning.Change: Updated face scripts to support: army white, specop white, army black and camo black.I'm against counterfait copying, I know that the game developers have to make profid but I bought it already and it's just for once, it's for my sister her boyfriend, I swear!RPG-7(PG-7VL) is a bit superior to RPG-26 change: Javelin is now "fire forget".
FIX: Fixed dropping two ruck mags instead of one when unit starts assigned to a vehicle.
Added legacy classes to not break existing missions change: Updated armor values the scorch trials audiobook no of infantry with the new values change: All infantry units have been revised to reduce section count to the minimum possible change: New settings for material definitions to greatly reduce the yellow tint.
Sqs, the idea is to enhance the chances vehicles -particularly helos- have to engage enemies while on patrol).
RPG-26 is a bit superior to RPG-22.
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New optional features, a few optional logics to enable some new features have been created for this version.
Infantry, nEW: Desert russian crew, pilot, pilot helo and off duty.Among other things, helmets now aren't the invincible shields that were before.Created new versions of recoils for HD mags, some of them based on the old recoils for non HD (such as those.62 mags).Main download: Check the,.A.Q.Just send me a Personal Message, and I promise I won't give it to anybody!FIX: US SR SF RTO had wrong magazines assigned FIX: Replaced VOG grenades with 9x39 mags for CT Russian TL (rifle doesn't have GL) FIX: Recon TL assistant had wrong magazines assigned (SD instead of normal ones) FIX: assisttl_556B_GL_mags loadout renamed to assisttl_556_GL_mags in 556loadout.Units using this type of magazines will now behave like inexperienced or weak shooters.Hey dudes, I have the original ofp cd, gold upgrade and operation flashpoint resistance.Units and objects, there's now a desert version of the VDV infantry and a multicam version of the russian counter terrorism units.Hpp FIX: Changed class names for guerrilla units from WW4EXT_bisriflemanR, etc to WW4EXT_guecwrifleman, etc.It would be ridiculous to let him buy the game because I have.