artemis fowl book one

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The Time Paradox has so many piled on one another it'll make your head spin.Amnesiac Dissonance : An odd case.Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking : "The Fowls had held on to internet speed meter for pc Fowl Manor over the years, surviving war, civil unrest, and several tax audits." Artistic License Physics : Book 2: Why does Artemis have to swim through the plasma powering the security systems, unless it's.Colfer also makes a rather deliberate note in the first book that Argon is "a psychologist from below the United States ".However, these orders must be phrased exactly, saying stuff like "You really shouldn't do such-and-such" won't stop them from doing it, you have to actually say "don't do it" or "you may not." Exotic Entree : The Extinctionists from Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox.Butler: The cosh, sir.This is explained as being partly one of the benefits of fairy magic, and partly because fairies were the first creatures to develop language, and all other languages are at least partly based on Gnomish as a result.Foaly responds, "Can a dwarf steal the web from under a spider?" Root replies "yes and Foaly says that it was a rhetorical question.
City of Weirdos : It's mentioned several times that faeries often go to Disney Land on vacation, to no reaction from the human visitors.
In this book, author Eoin Colfer introduces the readers the main character, Artemis Foul who happens to be a super genius.
Invisibility : An ability of most faries, except demons, needed to maintain The Masquerade.Artemis himself is fond of using these as pseudonyms.The Fair Folk : "The People" Arrogant, and annoyed with the Mud People, yes.He can get them to diagnose him with whatever he wants.Universal Driver's License : Fish smuggler Doodah Day can allegedly drive any vehicle, be it human, fairy or otherwise.He reveals it in book 3, after he's been shot and believes himself to be dying - it's 'Domovoi a slavic word meaning 'guardian spirit'.Mulch is being attacked by a gang of goblins, and their ringleader summons a fireball and then inhales it up his nostrils, with the intention of breathing fire over Mulch.World of Snark : Is there anyone in this series who doesn't snark around, outside of Pex and Chips?Holly Short shoots the screen to save Root, but the villain was lying and it explodes anyway.In the Arctic Incident, our heroes are saved by a group of goblin gangsters pulling a Klingon Promotion, killing themselves off to become leader, during a combat mission.