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IDoc statuses are used to track the IDoc and its various processing states.
IDoc documentation can be found using tcode WE60 and can be helpful to obtain information of the IDoc Type or its particular segment.
These checks are generally used when the real time information exchange is necessary between two systems.
Orders for purchase order.Partner profile (WE20 partner profile must be maintained for all the business partners to whom we want to send or receive the IDocs.Status changes are generally needed to move an IDoc to status 68 no further processing tcode WE02/WE05: general search IDocs can be displayed in add icon to quick access toolbar excel 2010 system via tcode WE02 and WE05.If information is sent outside the system then the direction is outbox when it is received into the system then direction is inbox.For example, if PO is to be sent to the Vendor axxxxz, then in the outbound option of the partner axxxxz we need to maintain the message type ZXX1 and link it to the Process Code ME10.Post processing (inbound/outbound parameters) In the post processing option we can maintain the workflow details of the users or positions to which an error notification will be sent if an IDoc processing fails.All the fields that are necessary for transmission of message for a particular business transaction are mapped in different segments.Outbox and Inbox direction is represented.The type of port defines the information contained within the port.
Debugging of IDocs can be done using by copying the IDocs using TCode WE19.
Receiving AN inbound idoc The initial status of an inbound IDoc is 64 and successful status.
IDoc segment has fields that contain the data necessary for posting the documents.
Structure IDoc structure is divided into Control Record, Data Records and Status records.
IDoc is an acronym for.
Separate message type should be triggered in the purchase order for PO change.
For example, if you want to search a particular Purchase Order number.g.These documents can be Order, Shipment Confirmation, Advance Shipping Notification, Goods Receipt, or Invoice. .The transfer from SAP to non-SAP system is done via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) subsystems whereas for transfer between two SAP systems, ALE is used.For IDoc transmission using ALE tRFC ports are used.The dependent segments are called as child segments.IDoc segments contain the actual data that is sent to or received from a partner.Message type, iDoc processing involves transmission or receipt of document in the form of a message, each of which represents a document in SAP.Today IDocs are used in most SAP applications for transfer of message(information) from SAP system to other systems and vice versa.