business objects import wizard

SAP Crystal Reports remains with the same name.
Hmmm as of last week I have heard that many BO Support folks are still using WebEx, but expect this to phase out.
I dont think BO would mind me distributing these, enjoy: BO SAP Support Tips and all helvetica neue fonts Tricks.Note: If you want to import from other data sources besides Access, click the appropriate data source option and walk through the wizard steps.Good luck with using that term in your communications, it will confuse everyone including yourself until we fully accept and adopt.Regular Support Users : These are the grunts, they women and men suffering through support issues, opening Customer Messages with BO-SAP, and praying for a pormpt response and resolution.On the, get External Data - Access Database dialog box, click Browse, select the Access desktop database youre importing from, and click Open.Will do": Business Objects Designer will remain, but a significantly revised and updated new product named the Information Design Tool is now also available for the creation of the semantic layer The old tool ist still around, now called Universe Design Tool.Add Tables page (the first thing you see when creating a new custom app you can import data from other Access databases, Excel workbooks, odbc data sources, Text/CSV files, and SharePoint lists.I have managed to get my hands on some documents being distributed by Business Objects Support personnel that provide some screenshots and tips on navigating and creating support cases, I mean customer messages on the new SAP Service MarketPlace.SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence has been left with its current name you may see it referred to as SAP Business Objects Interactive Analysis.
External data operations available in Access web apps and desktop databases This table gives you a quick reference of which kinds of files you can import or link to Access web apps or desktop databases.
Search Before Creation : OK, this is a strong trend everywhere support can be requested and BO-SAP are trying to help you out here.
They are still adjusting to the new terminology and functionality of the SAP Service Marketplace.
Important, microsoft no longer recommends creating and using Access web apps in SharePoint.
Access displays the new table(s) on the left side of the screen, and creates default views for each one.
The new tool with multi-source capabilites, etc.
It gets easier, it really does.However, do Web Intelligence report developers, universe designers, and system administrators only need assistance when they have a question?Regarding beloved Crystal: There are now two different versions out there: - Crystal Reports for Enterprise (can only use universes as data sources) and - Crystal Reports 2011 (stand-alone product, direct successor to CR 2008) These two disjunct CR versions will merge together in 2012.You can quickly execute a search and click Create Message button (towards the bottom, a dark gray button for me) if you know you have to open a case no matter what.In the Import Objects dialog box, on the Tables tab, select the tables you want to import.You can't import any other object type.