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In case you have multiple dependent commits and need to edit a commit other than the last one, you can do an interactive rebase (see Interactive Rebase ).
Click Finish to confirm that you want to push these changes.
Import Projects - Import projects into the Eclipse workbench.This is actually a list, as you can push to multiple repositories at once.Fetch will be update we8 terbaru 2014 executed immediately after selecting the action.There are several reasons for this: The new Repository will consider the complete folder structure of aperture lens correction mac the Eclipse workspace as (potential) content.Ftp - File Transfer Protocol git - The most efficient built-in git protocol (default port 9418).Push Upstream Click Team Remote Push.
If you are committing the change of another author you may alter the author field to give the name and email address of the author.
Note that if you use, cygwin, you should already have home set.
When you have resolved all conflicts the textual repository label decoration changes to "Merged".
Quickdiff Instead of using a compare editor you can enable quick diff support and see the changes within the text editor.
Branch deletion is done using the corresponding context menu entry.
The found search hits are high-lighted in bold and the "Next" and "Previous" buttons allow to jump to the next or previous commit matching the search criteria: Filter settings The next four toggle buttons in the view toolbar control how the displayed commits are filtered.Git Commits displays a Git Commit based model.They can be unmodified, modified, or staged.Furthermore, by using several different branches, it is possible to work on different changes in parallel by switching among these branches.Limiting the Scope for Project Import In this case, the directory tree at the bottom is active.Branch "master" is checked out while fetch_head points directly to commit 226a7f.DiffDog 2007 (October 24, 2006) User setting to ignore specific elements or attributes and filtering data when comparing XML files.