dios mios 2.0 update 5

See here nUS Downloader, links, mIOS Patcher with base v10: Download, result, allows you to run GameCube backups through any Disc Backup Launcher (or Disc channel if your system menu IOS is patched).
Using NNM enables you to save your game to your SD card or USB.
Either way, you should always have the newest version.
NMM or Ocarina are on (won't always cause a problem).If you are using USB Loader GX, make sure to change your custom paths to the path listed above.(This feature is not compatible with all games) Go into your Loader's settings and turn on NMM Make sure you don't have a real memory english grammar rules ebook card in your Wii whlie you are using NMM The game will think you have a memory card.Install the dios mios.11 wad file with Wad Manager.7.What's important is the Size on Disk.
Possibly bad installation of the dios mios wad file.
Filename dimi5.rar, date Posted, jul 10, 2012, categories.
Unzip "WAD-Manager_v1.7.zip" and copy "WAD-Manager_l" to "sd apps/InstForwarder/l".
(If you need help getting it to the correct format just ask me but it might take a paragraph) Place your GCT file named gameid.
Dios mios is a modification to your Wii's system software that allows you to play GameCube (GCN) games on your Wii from a FAT32 hard drive.In this folder should be yet another folder named.Now gary chaffee patterns pdf plug your USB into your Wii in port 0 (the one closer to the SD card) and run one of the loaders.The next time you start the loader, it will create new ones with default settings.(I am currently filling this up and will be done soon) USB Loader GX r1207, r1209 r1213: Default settings work fine.Also, feel free to update the USB Loader through the USB Loader itself to the newest version.A every time: Press A to go in the mios menu Press A to choose Install cmios Press A to "Load ace player hd has stopped working from SD card" Press A to install the cmios Press A to exit.Likewise, select your output directory to the "games" folder on your USB.To play these again, you must install mios v10 or a newer version of dios mios which overwrites the old dios mios wad.If you have, the first thing you should try is updating your wad to update 5 or higher.(Doing so before the message appears will quit the installer).Mit dios mios kannst du Gamecube Spiele von deiner Festplatte abspielen!