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"File Size" section presents to you a summary of the files on your storage grouping them on the basis of file sizes.
For the most part, Disk Inventory X should handle just about everything you'd want out of a disk space analyzer.
Disk Inventory X, platform: OS X, price: Free, download Page.
Provides additional information about specific data when you click on an item on the map.Features and Benefits, identify large files folders, delete obsolete ones and de-clutter your data to recover precious disk space keep your storage organized!Scanning of a custom folder.See what our users have to say about Disk Analyzer Pro.The name of the apps installed along with the size occupied by them are shown.It helps in identifying the largest folders on the system.It gives you both, detailed and graphical overview of the storage.What it does differently is display disk usage data as a sunburst map, which some may find easier to read (and definitely more pleasant to look at).Apart from this last modified date and time are also displayed for user's convenience.
It provides all the information you'll need, in multiple ways, when analyzing your disk space.
Disk Expert Hard Drive Space Analyzer.
GrandPerspective (Free) is very similar to Disk Inventory X, but not quite up to par.
The list displays folder properties like their name, path, and size, number mac system 7 iso of sub folders within them etc.
Disk Analyzer Pro is a powerful tool which provides you a detailed overview of which files and folders are hogging the most disk space on the system, grouped by file size, file type, file date and other attributes.
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Nonetheless, we feel Disk Inventory X is the way to go thanks to its organization, massive amount of information, and 0 price tag.Custom Type Summary, this is a very interesting feature of Disk Analyzer Pro which groups data into various categories depending upon their file types like source code files, image files, oldest files, document files and compressed files.It makes disk management easier than before.DiskAnalyzer Pro has another very useful feature which allows you to search files/folders using your own search terms.File Date and Obsolete Files "File Date" sections show files grouped per size range, file types and date range respectively.View space consumption by folders.This can help in identifying unwanted data which is unnecessarily consuming your disk space and can also come in handy when you have tons of data and are looking to find anything in particular which you want to access or use.Droplist is a collection of items from various locations.Display of full hard drive specification.Double clicking a file category in the overview section opens file viewer window where you can delete, copy, move, Zip files and apply further search filters.It is one of the best disk space analyzer available today.