garden of life raw protein contains heavy metals

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Green is the feng shui lucky directions 2012 President of the Board of Directors of the.Of all the products we have tested at the.Neither the FDA nor the usda has any published limits concerning tungsten or any other heavy metal in protein products.Health-conscious consumers have generally come to trust the Garden of Life brand as being a "cleaner" brand of dietary supplements and superfoods.Misleading claims by Garden of Life?The agreement is the first ever voluntary heavy metals limit ever achieved in the natural products industry.These claims seem to imply that the product is somehow not only cleaner than conventionally-raised protein products but even red hat enterprise linux 5.3 iso cleaner than organic products.I would use the Ultimate Meal by the Ultimate Life company to detox with no added vegan rice based products until we know what we are dealing with. .
Boku Superfood immediately signed on to the agreement after it was first announced.
What's especially concerning about this is that people who buy organic vegetarian, vegan or "raw" products are generally the very same people who go to great lengths to avoid contaminants in food such as hormones in milk, pesticides in fresh product, BPA in plastic packaging.
Surely, we all have many questions for new lego friends sets 2013 release date Jordan Rubin and Garden of Life right now.
Adams' testing highlighted for us the importance of our commitment to support organic practices at the farm-level said Garden of Life Vice President of Science Jeffrey Brams."This marks a milestone for food safety and protections for consumers said Adams, who led the agreement discussions.Consumer Wellness Center laboratories, they reported having never seen any product with higher levels of tungsten, lead and cadmium.Bring a copy of this article and explain that these products may contain tungsten, a heavy metal linked to increased stroke risk, as well as significantly levels of cadmium and lead.And still have those crops certified organic by the usda and sold with the usda Organic seal.To achieve the agreement, Natural News readers waged a grassroots social media awareness campaign that voiced their concerns to Garden of Life, makers of popular raw vegan superfood protein products.I suspect the company probably was not aware of the tungsten found in its products, but it almost certainly had to be aware of the lead and cadmium levels, as those are commonly tested by all food science labs.Yet it now appears that Garden of Life has failed to protect its own customers from some of the most concerning things that people seek to avoid in foods: lead, cadmium and even the industrial heavy metal tungsten.The agreement limits heavy metals in protein products to: Lead limit: 250 ppb, tungsten limit: 50 ppb, cadmium limit: 1000 ppb.There are recommendations of a whey protein in this article however it contains dairy and can be problematic for those that cannot consume dairy. .