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Notice that six gears are listed, even though the tbss only has four.
There's a beginners guide and an ml Gm Efi Tuning Beginners Guide Dvd Anyone heard of savv mobile DVD headrests Gm tuning beginners guide long demo Mp4.
With all the Gen III/IV engines the basic concept is to max out each value.The tbsss E38 ECM is also used on the fifth-gen Camaro and C6 Corvette, which both offer a 6-speed automatic.I currently daily drive a 2008 Trailblazer SS, and have a Pro Touring 83 Regal project in the works.The full video is available through Summit Racing Equipment.Sign up, write a Comment, overview, published By: Dave Buckshaw, Technical Film Producer.Gm tuning beginners guide long 4:2011/05/20:.The precision and control of port injection literally dropped a full second off the Corvettes quarter-mile time, and almost two seconds on the Grand National (an intercooler didnt hurt either).
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However, once you are ready to start playing around, The Tuning School is the best way to get your hands dirty under supervision.
Once Bob Morreale of The Tuning School downloaded the 2008 Trailblazer SSs stock tune to his laptop via the HP Tuners interface (hardware) and VCM Suite (software we took a look at the Torque Management tab under the navigation for Engine.
The 1985 Corvette and the 1986 Turbo Buicks began the modern age of port fuel injection.
This is extremely valuable in tuning, allowing a calibrator to see exactly what needs to be changed and under what conditions (RPM, temperature, etc).
Videoo; Crome Tuning - Setting up an all motor basemap;.
If you are new to tuning, then you may be wondering: what is a flash-based computer?The full video is 2 hours long but if you've been tuning for a while and need websphere application server 6.1 basics a boost in your skillset this it it!Live demos include MAF and Speed Density tuning on the chassis dyno as well as proper application of fuel injector data and spark advance tuning".Wed recommend training before attempting EFI tuning.The OEM calibration wants to limit engine output (via spark advance) to protect the transmission and other components.This is a tutorial guide which explains the use of a capo attachment.May 20, 2011 This is a video excerpt from a video I produced with/for Greg Banish.We stopped by The Tuning School in Odessa, Florida to take an inside look at how to remove these electronic handicaps from a stock LSx vehicle my 2008 Chevy Trailblazer SS using HP Tuners software.