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Provides a complete overview of a topic that is widely used to implement real-number arithmetic on modern computers, yet is far from being fully exploited to its full potential.
So that the techniques presented can be put directly into practice in actual coding or design, they are illustrated, whenever possible, by a corresponding program.
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Extensions of floating-point arithmetic such as certification, verification, and big precision.Handbook of Floating-Point Arithmetic is designed for programmers of numerical applications, compiler designers, programmers of floating-point algorithms, designers of arithmetic operators, and more generally, students and researchers in numerical analysis who wish to better understand a tool used in their daily work and research.Some links related to Floating-Point Arithmetic: Ercegovac and Lang's book digital Arithmetic kornerup and Matula's book ".Coverage of several recent advances related to elementary functions: correct rounding of these functions and computation of very accurate approximations under constraints.This handbook aims to provide a complete overview of modern floating-point arithmetic, including a detailed treatment of the newly revised (ieee 754-2008) standard for floating-point arithmetic.Development of smart and nontrivial algorithms, and algorithmic possibilities induced by the availability of a fused multiply-add (fma) instruction,.g., correctly rounded software division and square roots.Jean-Michel Muller (coordinator Nicolas Brisebarre, Florent de Dinechin, Claude-Pierre Jeannerod, Vincent Lefevre, Guillaume Melquiond, Nathalie Revol, Damien Stehle, Serge Torres.Hough's validlab home page John Harrison William Kahan's home page Peter Markstein Lehigh University Computer Architecture and Arithmetic Group David Matula Paul Zimmerman Nick Higham Michael Schulte Interval computations Errata - page 4, line 7, "of w" should be suppressed (i.e., the sentence should end.