high interest savings account australia calculator

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How does compound interest affect my term deposit?The amount youll be depositing each week, fortnight or month.The interest rate youre going to be earning.Based on those numbers, the calculator will then tell you: How much you will earn in interest.Find out how much you could save with a Bankwest savings account or term deposit.Term deposit accounts allow you to lock in a certain amount of money at a specified rate for an agreed period of time, between three months and five years.One school of thought is that savings accounts are just somewhere where your salary gets transferred; a place where you park your money without giving it much thought.Compound interest is when interest is earned on your balance, and on the interest youre earning.If you dont input figures which are accurate and truly represent your spending patterns, you will eliminate the human error aspect but still get a useless figure.To view these documents you may need Adobe Acrobat.
Ordinarily, this would be a difficult and time-consuming task, because there are dozens of lenders offering hundreds of different products.
A savings account calculator is an online tool that will tell you how fast your savings will grow.
Your next step should be to research savings accounts.
Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate.
Once you've determined your savings style or have an idea of how much money you can put away on a weekly or monthly basis, use our calculators to compare different interest rates and see the difference it can make to your savings goals.
Why use a savings account calculator?
Navigate this page, calculate your savings, the Savings Calculator allows you to work out how much youll save over a given number of years.Sometimes, the difference between the base rate and maximum rate can be as high as two percentage points.The second school of thought, though, is that savings accounts are tools that you actively manage as you pursue a specific financial goal.On the top of each calculator theres a button which says working.How to find a savings account.