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Provides comprehensive coverage of the basic technology as well as new traffic control s This book presents integrated, up-to-date coverage of the key issues in the design of high-speed TCP/IP and ATM networks and provides a comprehensive, technical look at these issues.
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(A comprehensive survey.) Coverage of gigabit networks.Weightage in.1.Binding Hardback, list Price .Thus, gigabit design issues permeate the book.3.4 Congestion in Data Networks and Internets,.
Isbn, imprint Pearson Education, copyright 2002, pages 744.
Part One Background, introduction, protocols and the TCP/IP Suite, tCP and.
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For high - speed LANs in the business environment to support.
Degree in electrical engineering from Notre Dame.Up-to-date treatment of gigabit Ethernet.The first treatment of self-similar traffic for performance assessment in a textbook on networks (Explains the mathematics behind self-similar traffic and shows the performance implications and how to estimate performance parameters.) Up-to-date coverage of compression.Unix Internals vahiha Suresh download game booster versi terbaru 2014 Department of Computer Science and Engineering Wright State.Appendix B: Sockets, glossary, references, index, unified coverage of integrated and differentiated services.High-Speed Networks and Internets both the professional and advanced student an up-to-date survey of key issues.Currently, he is an independent consultant whose clients have included computer and networking manufacturers and customers, software development firms, and leading-edge governmental research institutions.And data networks are more intelligent than ever.Book Review ext: pdf date: High - Speed Networks and Internet Performance and Quality of Service Second Edition.High, speed, networks and Internets.Presents thorough and integrated coverage of next- generation Internet technology, including resource reservation (rsvp real-time and multimedia traffic (RTP and the use of IPv6.High, performance Computer Architecture 4-0-0.Ext: pdf date: unix Internals High Performance Microprocessors Data.Ext: pdf date:, high - speed networks and Internets Performance and quality of service.