hp thin client t5550 image

Import Luc's fix for sometimes-blanking CRTs on CLE266.
Merge exa_branch from revision 52.Added vgaHWGetIndex to vgaHW symbol list.Fixes to allow mode resolution change on KMS Broke unaccelerated mode memory allocation with last commit Moved to EXA only Fix object memory freeing for all cases Don't do a memset on a null pointer ram shalaka prashnavali pdf for the wondershare photo recovery serial 3.03 ExaDriverPtr allocating drm.Enable new mode switch for VM800 chipsets to resolve bugs #240 and #282 More debug traces to via_video.Whitespace changes in viaSetAgpMode.Fix from Schlichter so xorg driver can be built on embedded platforms Using xorg conf options with the panel casues a segfault.Exe tool to re-install solved the problem on our test devices.Pass in the pitch variable for allocating a surface.Update the built-against macro to recognize Xorg if present.Changelog got left over.
Bump version.3.3 -.gitignore 26 ChangeLog news 145 readme debian/S-source 82 debian/urce 6 debian/changelog 27 debian/control 3 debian/nf 4 debian/patches/series 2 libxvmc/Imakefile 59 libxvmc/ 46 libxvmc/driDrawable.
Free dotclock on Unichrome Pro.
Via managed to mix up the 2D / 3D engine busy status bits.
Fix HW Cursor memory allocation.
Allow generic card-ids, although it should be possible to remove the id lookup completely.
Some day it will go away ViaDoubleCheckCLE266Revision needs to be called later when the register stack is fully setup.H with drm-2.4.17 Fix segfaults with EXA and XV (Ticket #359) Fix build on old kernels Replace RegionsEqual with region_equal and use Manpage update and some minor changes set colorkey for 2nd_monitor Fixed freeze on 64bit system for K8M090 chipset Increase bandwidth to handle 1920x1200.Fix bug with DFP power off (ticket #317) Removed two old variables: Cursor support speedup TV-OUT, VT1625 chipset support Fixed problem with backlite (Ticket #308) Add more traces to solve bugs with panel resolution detection Fix bug with panel autodetection Add support duoview for VX855.When we reapplied the master image with sccm R2 SP2 and mini-setup was completed, the OS seems to run fine, however the "IIS Admin" service does not start and returns the following error: "Windows could not start the IIS Admin on Local Computer.H 326 - src/via_drm.It doesnt need to collect any IIS files into a special installation location.Handle the case where the reported vram is greater than the maximum amount exposed by the pci bar cleanup framebuffer handling for pre TTM code Fix for xorg.2 ap change to vgahw Make DRI buffers driinfo free for early allocation Moved allocation to memory.Setup the basic IGA registers.H" includes from libxvmc, as they break.Makefile file to build via_reg_tool Make AGP setup driinfo independent.Cause a "FatalError" if EXA is used with an un-patched Xserver, Reimplement download from screen to something more easily Fix download from screen which was reusing kernel argument Thomas Hellstrom Blank and clear screen when entering.C compile without -DXF86DRI.H fix null pointer dereference in viaExaCheckComposite (patch from Daniel Drake) fix a segfault on shutdown in ViaCleanupxvmc when there's no Xv (patch from Daniel Drake) fix cursor on secondary (patch from Bartosz Kosiorek) Sharp PC-AE30J VX855 basic support (patch from Harald Welte) Modify PLL.