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Luke Skywalker (Hamill who inadvertently acquires a pair of droids that possess stolen architectural plans for the ram shalaka prashnavali pdf Death Star.
63 Moreover, a rare Tunisian rainstorm struck the country, which further disrupted filming.
Luke joins the Rebel assault squadron, while Han collects his payment for the transport and intends to leave, despite Luke's request that he stay and help.
23 R2-D2's recognizable beeps and squeaks were made by sound designer Ben Burtt and Lucas imitating "baby noises recording these voices as they were heard on an intercom, and creating the final mix using a synthesizer.Rice's response to her brief was to use an outlined, modified Helvetica Black.Within three weeks of the film's release, the studio's stock price had doubled to a record high.45 This second draft still had some differences from the final version in the characters and relationships."The development of Star Wars as Seen Through the Scripts of George Lucas".Retrieved May 22, 2014.237 Lucas's original screenplay was selected by the Writers Guild of America as the 68th greatest of all time.153 In total, the film has earned 775,398,007 worldwide (including 460,998,007 in North America alone).
Retrieved December 22, 2015.
Rather than saying, 'It looks a bit over lit, can you fix that?
39 With a background in independent filmmaking, Lucas was accustomed to creating most of the elements of the film himself.
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154 According to Guinness World Records, the film ranks as the third-highest-grossing film when adjusting for inflation; 155 at the North American box office, it ranks second behind Gone with the Wind on the inflation-adjusted list.The iconic weapon of choice of the Jedi, the lightsaber, was voted as the most popular weapon in film history in a survey of approximately 2,000 film fans.Producer Gary Kurtz, on when he realized Star Wars had become a cultural phenomenon 103 Star Wars debuted on Wednesday, May 25, 1977, in fewer than 32 theaters, and eight more on Thursday and Friday.The adaptation was written by Brian Daley and directed by John Madden, and was produced with cooperation from George Lucas, who donated the rights to NPR."Imagine That: Sly Stallone Auditioned for Han Solo".Staff (November 15, 2012).Now they have The Six Million Dollar Man and Kojak.Retrieved December 26, 2015.