icloud keychain verification code sent to wrong number

You set your verification phone number in Oreferences only after selecting your country (and its international dialling code) from a drop-down menu.
Instead, you can reset iCloud Keychain and create a new scooby doo 2002 scrappy iCloud Security Code.
If iCloud Keychain is on, but Safari won't save or autofill account or credit card information.ICloud Keychain Verification Code Does Not Work.We will provide some guidance around the common issues related to iCloud Keychain verification codes and texts.Shutting off the login Keychain is a good idea if you are letting a guest use your computer.Test it out by requesting someone to send you a test message and make sure that it is working.
Unfortunately we also use this machine for guests and family members to use since it occupies a corner in the living room.
After trying to find where I can change my number.
Turn on iCloud Keychain on your other devices.
Log back in and then choose Apple menu System Preferences iCloud Keychain.
If you can't sync iCloud Keychain with other devices.
This action will keep Keychain from using automatic login information for websites, bank accounts, email accounts, etc., and will make sure that your credit card numbers arent auto-filling.
With convenience comes accountability.Follow the Reset code instructions from above and you should be good.You are required to create a security code and use it in order to enable syncing of the keychain across multiple devices.If you can't view the passwords stored in iCloud Keychain.Here's how: iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: For iOS.3 or later, tap Settings your name iCloud Keychain Advanced and check that the phone number under Verification Number is correct.Cannot access icloud keychain verification code since I have a new device.If you can access one of your devices that has iCloud Keychain enabled On your device that has iCloud Keychain enabled, you can reset the Security Code for iCloud Keychain.