install windows xp from usb stick eee pc

2, go to the USB_MultiBoot_10 folder and double click on USB_MultiBoot_d.
After reboot, the computer will log in to your Windows XP user account.
Here, type a letter that is not associated with any drive letter of your computer hard disk.So put S and press Enter.If you have problems formatting the stick with Vista, you can also try the programs presented in this step.Insert your USB stick into the USB port and reboot your computer.I previously wrote an article on how.10 When the netbook restarts, choose the installation option TXT Mode Setup Windows XP Never unplug USB-Drive Until principles of fluorescence spectroscopy lakowicz pdf Logon.11 After your setup reboots, complete the installation.Make sure to check the.Let us know through your comments.Hit any key wait for completing another session.
After another reboot, do the same again.
Now, choose the GUI Mode Setup option.
You can start the installation process.
F) Change Log File - Simple OR Extended, currently Simple.
Type Y and press Enter, you will get the message Please wait.
All you needed to make the whole process successful was a PC/Laptop with CD/DVD Rom (Windows XP as the host OS).
Click on the Yes button.3, format the USB drive.Make sure it shows your USB stick as first in Boot Device Priority.Save the settings and exit from windows server 2008 cleanup temp files the bios console.Warnings The files you need for the USB drive are 3rd-party codes and are downloaded from the internet.Backup all your information from your Asus Eee Pc before you start the final installation.Now you should wait for a few seconds and then follow the steps below.A dialog window appears like this: Set the following values (refer to the screenshot above Click on the USB Removable radio button under the Destination Drive section.Now your USB stick is prepared.I first thought that XP cannot access my stick anymore but simply the file was missing.