internet speed meter for pc

How Fast Is Your Internet Connection?
Deepak 23-Nov-2012 3:33 pm My Favourite Speed Test hei 'm deepak kumar 'm like this page it's my favourite because many thing's given in this page.
All test servers are located outside your ISP in amazon and google data centers, rise of nations computer game the same ones that netflix and use.
The file size of the image will determine the throughput of the connection speed.Because it's built into the Network Meter makes it so much easier to get to as well.It does a multiple stream download and upload to servers it determines may be crossfire rank gp and zp hack closest to your location.To read more about the Bandwidth Meter used to test your Internet speed, read.It has shown me that it was worth upgrading to an "n" wi-fi connection rather than my steam driven "g" one.We measure latency over http.Makes me very happy to have such an easy tool to use, and precise.I highly recommend this website as it is really easy to use, just click begin test and wait for it to finish.
Davie 15-Jun-2013 12:42 pm Acer Speed Test I've ran this test several times so far I'm extremely pleased by what's been found by the "addgadgets speed test".
Testing for the presence of a firewall or NAT device between the client and the server is done using both TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and UDP (User Datagram Protocol) traffic.
If your current internet service is as fast as advertised.
Hetesh lawas 5-Jan-2013 11:15 am Best speed tool ever used this is an advance level of speed test gaget that I ever used it shows transfer rate that most of sites does not show latency test, packet loss test, firewall test it is amazing.
Thank you very much for these services.
Brandon Fiedler 25-May-2013 3:08 am Speed test/download upload The results are in agreement with the network meter I have installed.
Java, Flash, html5 with nifty graphics.It also represents the modern usage pattern: someone is streaming netflix, a console is downloading a game patch, a voip or Skype call is taking civil war trust battle apps place.This feature can be completely disabled in the application if preferred.There are a wide variety of speed tests.It takes a lot longer than it used to for programs to load.Very timely also the possibility that you offer to locate the IP address.John ayres 24-Apr-2013 5:13 pm Simple but effective This test is simple, fast and repeatable.