macro to change equipment manager

One-button fishing never was easier.
Works.2.2 Suppressing Sound and Error Messages Edit No Error Text or Sound (Improved) Edit /run sfxGetCVar acrobat reader version 4.x Sound_EnableSFX /console Sound_EnableSFX 0 /cast ExampleTrinket1 /cast ExampleSpell2 /run UIErrorsFrame:Clear /run Credit: Xaeros of Shadowmoon Use: Replace "ExampleTrinket1" and "ExampleSpell2" with your cd(s) and abilities, then drag.
Prot create the following macro: /equipset Prot If you want to switch talent specs, then you will need to add that to it also, so let's assume Prot is your primary spec and Ret is your secondary and you want to swap gear at the.Credit: Mälkiyore-Chambers of Aspects.(ex: iBlame: RandomRaider) Extra: This macro currently pulls a random guild member from the entire guild, if you'd rather only blame online members, change "xGetNumGuildMembers(1 to "xGetNumGuildMembers(0 Works.3.3a Food Water Edit Eating and drinking Edit /use btn:1 name of water /use btn:1 name.Adjust any items in equipment slots with the slot option controls for the current set.Well, wonder no more!Excerpt from Q A with Ghostcrawler, xGetNumGuildMembers(1)gx 0 and 0;yGetNumRaidMembers ry 0 and 0;if IsShiftKeyDown then c,b"Raid r else c,b"guild g end;SendChatMessage iBlame: ".b.".General macros Edit Categorized list of generally wizard101 hack de crowns useful custom macros.UnitName raid'.i)." end;end;end;print(nfb Use this version to send the list to raid chat: /run nfb"Eat!: for i1,GetNumGroupMembers do for b1,40 do uaUnitAura raid'.i,b if ua"Well Fed"or ua"Food"then break;elseif b40 and ua"Well Fed"then nfbnfb.
Works.1.1 Raiding Edit Announce Vent in Raid Edit /rw Vent Details Posted /raid My linotype aroma bold font Guild Vent m /raid My Guild Vent 1234 /raid My Guild Vent secretpassword /raid Normalize Vent - rver/somewhere /threshold epic /master player Use: Announces your Vent details to your.
Works.0.4 Equip Set With Find Fish Toggle Edit /equipset equipped:Fishing Poles 1; Fishing /run SetTracking(1,false) /stopmacro equipped:Fishing Poles /run SetTracking(1,true) Equips your "Fishing" set if you don't have a pole equipped and enables fish tracking, or equips set 1 if you do have.
Before it was on by default, to enable the Equipment Manager, go to the Game Menu (Esc select the "Interface" option, press the "Game" tab at the upper left, select "Features" from the left pane, and check the "Use Equipment Manager" box on the right.
How to PTR Dual Talent Specialization.
This is the main reference for useful custom WoW.UnitName raid'.i)." end;end;end;print(nf Use this version to send the list to raid chat: /run nf"Flask!: for i1,GetNumGroupMembers do for b1,41 do uflUnitAura raid'.i,b if ufl then if strfind(ufl Flask or strfind(ufl Distilled then break;end;elseif b41 then nfnf.It gets annoying being spammed with "This ability is not ready" and that fun error sound.Works.1.2 /run local z;for do local s GetCompanionInfo critter i if s1 then z1;end end if (znil) then CallCompanion critter else DismissCompanion critter end Use: This is a more advanced version of the above macro, as it first attempts to determine whether.Mounts Edit There's a whole page dedicated to Mount Macros.Because both of your weapons have the same name you can't make a simple macro by using the name, because it has the same ID thanks to both of your enchants you can't use the item ID either, what i wanted to try.The number 17 refers to your offhand weapon slot.Edit #showtooltip Recklessness /cast Recklessness /cast Inner Rage /cast Shield Block(Defensive Stance) /use damage trinket Use: I find this macro useful when you need to deal heavy damage to a player, (You need 100 Rage to do this properly!).Note: You can add some things to y to mess around with it if you want to make it better!Previously you could access the Equipment Manager from a dedicated armor icon ( ) in the top right-hand corner of the character info window.For soloing or special circumstances where each person needs their own target, the macros don't hinder us in anyway because it chooses OUR target first.You can put the current item in your bags ( exclude it from the set ( or select an available item ( ).Related AddOns Edit This feature has similar functionality, and is probably largely based on the popular auto-armor-equipping addons such as ItemRack and Outfitter.