minecraft mods single player commands 1.2.5

gamemode 1 /gamemode 0 Generation edit edit source /cyl block radius height Create a vertical cylinder.
bind r /time day - czyli jak wciniemy klawisz "r" na naszej klawiaturze, zostanie uyta komenda /time day.repair all repairs all inventory items except worn armor, if removed and added to inventory, it too is repaired.copy Copies the currently selected region.up distance Go up some distance.none Switch to no tool.Heal quantity Heals a player the specified number of points (2 per heart).Single player commands tool brings liberty to play with many options and you can test your game alone rather playing on Lan.paste -ao Pastes the clipboard.Jump Moves you from where you are to where your mouse is pointing.To restore sounds, delete the.bin folder.brush sphere -h material radius Switch to the sphere brush tool.
listchunks Print a list of used chunks.
Reexecutes last script with new arguments.
removenear block size Remove blocks near you.History edit edit source /clearhistory Clear your history.Gamerule rule name value OR rule name.undo number of steps (default last) Undo your last action.This mod is made by simo_415.Note: Installing this mod may disable sounds.thru Go through the wall that you are looking.hpos1 Set selection position #1 to the block that you are looking.Type can be "items" for loose items/drops, arrows, boats, minecarts, or tnt.move count leaveid gta 4 iv multiplayer Uses the direction in which the player is looking as the direction input for this command.