minecraft server commands plugin

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Whitelist on whitelist add player1 whitelist list whitelist reload mmand.
Complex command which edits and manipulates the scoreboard, a data storage structure.
Type /gamerule to see a list of all game rules.Block entity format Data values setblock -1 wool 3 destroy setblock chest 0 replace CustomName Locked Chest Lock:Key tblock Operators fill x1 y1 z1 x2 y2 z2 name data handling buku poconggg juga pocong pdf dataTag Fills a area of blocks.Contents, bukkit Commands and Permissions, command, description.Achievement give * player1 hievement Operators ban player Bans a player from the server.Gamemode 1 player1 memode Operators gamerule rule new value Changes the rules of the server.Testfor @pscore_points_min6 OnGround:1 mmand.
Difficulty Operators effect player effect id seconds amplifier Adds the specified effect to a player for the duration of 30 seconds or sunset themes windows 7 as specified by the user.
Use to give all achievements.
Effect Operators enchant user enchantment ID level force Enchants the item in the user's hand.
In places where the Bukkit command overrides the Vanilla command you can select which one to use via adding a minecraft: or bukkit: prefix to the command.Ex: /cunlock Mymomatemyturtle /credstone on Turns on the redstone flag for that block, preventing it from being opened top 10 action games by redstone connections.Tell Everybody tellraw player json message Sends a raw message to the player using the json text format.Enchant player1 1 1 1 mmand.Op Operators pardon player Pardons a banned player so that they can connect again.This isn't a backup!Help kick player Kicks a player from the server kick Hans ban player Bans a player permanently from the server.Testforblock Operators time add / set amount Add to or set the world time.Version rsion, everybody plugins, lists all installed plugins on the server.Seed ed Operators setblock x y z name data handling dataTag Sets a block to be another block.Deop player1 op Operators difficulty level Changes the difficulty of the server.