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Well, a Philadelphia-based firm, The Neat Company, has for some years now advertised a product that it says will do just that.
The NeatDesk kit comes at a hefty 399.99 price tag, which hasn't budged in the years we've seen the NeatDesk ads.
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See any care plans, options and policies that may be associated with this product.Is it worth 400, and will it work for you?And it does a good job of exporting receipt data for use in other programs, such as Excel, Quicken, QuickBooks, and TurboTax.Considering that many basic all-in-one printers for under 200 have decent sheetfed scanners built in, 400 seems like a lot for a simple scanner and cataloging software.If anything, it actually undersells it a bit.
While the scanning didnt work as smoothly and consistently as we traktor mac full version thought it should considering the price, we can envision scenarios with stacks of receipts and business cards where it would certainly be a huge timesaver.
You know what we meanthose grocery-store receipts, teller slips, and business cards that we toss off to the side with a promise to ourselves that this will be the month well deal with them.
Play Again, see any care plans, options and policies that may be associated with this product.
The full name of the NeatDesk system is definitely a mouthful, but it describes the products base functionalitya scanner and a digital filing software suitereasonably well.You can, for instance, sync NeatDesk with Outlook (or Address Book on a Mac Quicken, or QuickBooks, and when you sibelius 5 crack keygen use the software with The Neat Companys NeatCloud and NeatVerify online services, it takes on yet another level of functionality.And as youll see in the "Setup Performance" section a little later in this review, the product struggles a bit in providing this base functionality.What the NeatDesk software does do well, though, is sync the contact information gleaned from scanning business cards with Outlook and Address Book.ComputerShopper may earn affiliate commissions from shopping links included on this page.From your business cards, for example, it creates a contacts database and functions as an adblock pro 3.4 keygen address book.(If you've spent any time watching cable TV in recent years, you've likely seen Neat's infomercials.) The 399.95-list NeatDesk Desktop Scanner Digital Filing System is designed to take all those business cards, receipts, and other miscellaneous scraps of paper and catalog them in a searchable database.The months pass, and you never quite find the time to type the business-card info into Outlook, or get those receipts entered into Quicken.Were somewhat conflicted about the viability of NeatDesk.Alas, wouldnt life be so much easier if we all had a personal assistant to take care of mundane tasks like these for us, entering and organizing all these pieces of paper?