new lego friends sets 2013 release date

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Of course, she also likes to relax on the beach, and enjoys building sandcastles so this condition zero maps iceworld set is just perfect for Olivia on her days off.Complete with motorhome, trailer, bikes, surfboard, picnic table and BBQ grill.I did say there are always plenty of accessories with these lego Friends Sets, didnt I?Adventure Camper 3184, and we see more travel options for our adventurers in this 300 piece camper set. And you even get a cute kitty cat and bird.Please improve the article, or discuss the issue on the talk page.Also, adding the Ninjago kendo helmet is interesting to say the least although it could fit on Emmas head if her hair-piece is removed, she would look absolutely terrible.But this is just one of the many male characters who live in Heartlake City.So lets take a look at all lego Friends Sets on offer.It contains Stephanie and her outdoor bakery setup.Legoland Hotel (California) opens.
Heartlake Flying Club 3063, lEGO Friends isnt all about shopping as youll see in the later sets as the girls of Heartlake City are very active indeed.
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And with some cool accessories to play with this 100 piece kit is an easy build.
She even has a ruler to help her mark out the patterns for her dresses.And none of these seems to be a wallet-breaker which is appreciated in the current state of the economy.And girl lego sets are the perfect entry point for girls who just dont want to play cops and robbers.And apart from the stables we also find a few horses in new lego molds we havent seen before.Stephanies Cool Convertible 3183, a girl needs to get around right?Ninjago was originally planned the be discontinued, but was confirmed to return for 2014 and beyond on the.