nwn diamond patch 1.69

Your "history" and "favorites" tabs will still link to servers you've played on, but the other lists will be empty.
Even those using a basic dial-up connection can get online and play on someone's server.
A listing of current PWs is kept at the top of the forum.Playing Online with NWN from m: If you purchased your copy of the game from m, you will likely need to request a unique CD Key from GOG.The performance monitoring and evaluation NWN "hak" is a specific type of file that contains additional content that adds to or modifies the default content of the game (such as creature models, sounds, weapon models, and even area tilesets (landscape files).Add-ons Tips from the NWN Community - A compilation list on the BioWare Social forums.Neverwinter Vault Gameworlds Category : Listing of various gameworlds at the Neverwinter Vault.Other players need to have the same files on their computer if they want to see any custom protrait your character may be using.If you want new portraits, try this Custom Portraits Guide.NeverwinterConnections - Find a regularly scheduled or DM's game to join.Notes on NWN file names: * In NWN, "mod" is short for module, which is the file that contains an adventure or world, the area layouts, the creature information, the quests, and anything else layed out or designed in the toolset.
Each will also need to modify their NWN/i file using a simple text editor: under "Profile look for the line that says "Client Port5121 and increase this port number by one for each additional player on the LAN/shared connection (5121, 5122, 5123, etc.).
You can pick from different servers by clicking the categories (such as Story or PW Action) on the left side of the screen.
In the meantime, you'll need a new server's IP address so that you can "direct connect which can usually be found on that server's website.
Some suggestions: BioWare NwN 1 Persistent Worlds Multiplayer Forum : Advertising and discussions about persistent worlds (PWs) on the BioWare forums.Links: Miscellaneous NWN Materials, links: Community Sites - There are multiple web sites out there that offer a wealth of additional information and content for Neverwinter Nights.Some modules may have the player in the role of a particular character (like many more "structured" games and.bic file is the method used for this.NWN Community Patch.71 - An unoffical patch compilation of community-made fixes.That's ok, just continue.Neverwinter Nights Facebook Group - A spot for those that enjoy both Facebook and NWN.There are multiple sources for finding different servers (besides just logging into the game).