outbound love episode 22

She knew who he wrote it for and gave Sik Sik the demo tape sung by Ruco himself.
This I am not so sure.Kei Ying is disturbed as the guy sexually harasses her and Sik Sik and Chin Chun to the rescue and each kicked and slapped him and they left the venue as friends.I feel like a jerk for not trusting him and I tried but I cant trust him and I feel awful and so ashamed for what I did, for ruining everyones effort and the party, I feel terrible and I am a bitch and yet.Next scene strangely Sik Sik is happy with Nic again, sunshine and all.And the fact that neither Nic knew about Sik Siks sadness or Sik Sik about Nics turmoil made me wonder how these 2 can even get together in the end.Meanwhile Sik Sik sees Nic with another girl and realises she cant trust him but it turns out the girl is asking for direction and Nic did not lie to her so she breathes easier.
But Sik Sik no longer trusts Nic.
Why did he give this favour to Nic instead of claiming it as his own as he earned it?
As for Chun Chun, she ended up with Chin Chun and they were quite a cute pair.
Episode 21, funnling metre, episode 22, final episode.
Very natural body language even if I dont quite like Chin Chun, eventhough he has given up on Sik Sik.And she sorta reconciled with Nic.When shopping with Chun Chun, she switched it on and discover he wasnt where he said he was but he was at Raman hotel, the same next move by keyshia cole hotel Kei Ying was working at!Then later Nic realised she seemed very close with Ruco, confronted Ruco and what a man when he told Ruco at his face that if he wanted Sik Sik he should fight for her instead of giving up on pursuing her just because theyre like.So she goes drunk before Ruco and cries how she deserves his hate and the comeuppance for what she did to him with much regret blah blah blah.Ruco said; Remember the time you central london street map pdf wanted to complain about me and I really hated you.And neither did he serenade it to her.She has zero chemistry with Ruco Chan.And as predicted, she has second thoughts and asking the most insane question ever.So Ruco goes back to music business.