outlook 2010 offline address book hangs

And since this websites main focus is on Outlook, it makes sense to genie timeline home 2012 review start with Outlook as well ;-).
Modify the OAB download behavior in Outlook.Right-click the folder that contains the nfig file, or right-click the virtual or application directories that may contain the nfig file.The most recent version of the Global Address List will be downloaded from print from ipad to hp printer usb the cumc email system.In that case, you can completely reset it by deleting the files making up the OAB or by recreating your mail profile.When you use Outlook 2007 or previous, youll have to rename the individual oab-files instead.The 500 error led me to this article which recommends changing the permissions on the nfig file in the OAB directory.
Click the Security tab, and then click Edit.
We want to add Authenticated Users, so click.
If you are still using Outlook 2002/XP or earlier, the file names are not prefixed with a u as the OAB files are stored in ansi format.
Xml, the webpage should contain lots of XML data.
Lm always a little nervous to follow the recommendation of some web site that tells me to add permissions.
When I browsed to the full OAB URL provided by the autodiscovery, I got a 500 Internal server error (and another time, a Runtime Error).Key: Provider Value name: Allow Full OAB Prompt Value type: REG_dword Value: 1 You can get prompted if you sometimes want to prevent a full OAB download.The Global Address Book (GAL) is a directory of available contact information for cumc, nyph and Columbia University faculty, staff and students.Make sure the, global Address List is selected from the, choose address book drop down menu.Use Cached Exchange Mode but without OAB.