parallels workstation 6 linux review

Remarkable Experience Set a new standard for productivity, breaking the hardware barrier by running multiple operating systems and graphic intense applications side-by-side on a single workstation.
Improvements related only to Parallels Workstation 6 Extreme: Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) is now supported by Parallels Workstation 6 Extreme.
The product is distributed as a download package.
The Workstation software consists of a virtual machine suite for, intel x86 -compatible computers (running, microsoft Windows or, linux ) (for Mac version, see.Unmatched Performance Faster than ever, Parallels Workstation 6 Extreme is ready for the tough challenges of graphic intense applications and complex workloads.See also edit References edit External links edit.A.44 MB floppy drive, which can be mapped to a physical drive or to an image file.Fortunately, Parallels is currently offering a deal for their Workstation product to new customers.For most folks, Microsoft Virtual PC and, oracle VirtualBox (both available for free) usually cover all the essentials and get the job done just fine.Combined with Parallels Workstation Extreme, a single high-performance workstation can play host to several operating systems running multiple graphic intense applications.Leading the industry in direct assignment capabilities, Parallels Workstation 6 Extreme enables mortal kombat 9 full game and install virtual machines to have dedicated graphics cards, network cards, and a variety of other PCIe devices.Considering the free alternatives that exist out there that can do the job nearly as well, it can be hard to justify spending the cash.Unmatched Performance, faster than ever, Parallels Workstation 6 Extreme is ready for the tough challenges of graphic intense applications and complex workloads.A 104-key Windows enhanced keyboard and a PS/2 wheel mouse.
Improved detection of PCI devices on host computers.
Up to three bi-directional parallel ports, each of which can be mapped to a real port, to a real printer or to an output file.
Up to 16 sata devices including hard disks and CD/DVD drives.
The hypervisor directly controls some of the host machine's hardware resources and provides an interface to it for both virtual machine monitors and primary.
This allows virtualization software to reduce overhead.
Concurrently run multiple "extreme" virtual workstations with dedicated access to graphics and networking and set a new standard in productivity.Parallels Workstation's hypervisor also supports hardware virtualization technologies like.Users can remotely access virtual machines, administrators can manage groups of workstations, and IT can create a high-performance cluster with protected resources to offload demand from the datacenter.Because all guest virtual machines use the same hardware drivers irrespective of the actual hardware on the host computer, virtual machine instances are highly portable between computers.For virtual machine software, it offers features that many have come to expect such as undo disks for VM images, guest integration capabilities, and Intel VT-x support.Feel the freedom seamlessly moving between multiple applications without the burden of rebooting or shuffling between computers.Intel VT-x and, aMD-V.Officially supported guest operating systems edit Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP Linux distributions: Debian.0, Fedora windows xp mode base vhd access denied 14 15, OpenSuse.1, rhel 6, sled 11 SP1, Ubuntu.10,.04 and.10 Oystem requirements edit CPU: Minimum 5 GHz x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit).An Ethernet virtual network card compatible with Realtek RTL8029(AS) with full IPv6 support.