pasco data studio serial

Step 2 - internet manager for mac os x lion Using the Windows Explorer (or "My Computer - navigate to the C:templab_Install_DS folder, and double-click on the setup.
Those numbers are shown on the blackboard page for this lab course.
You should get an "options" dialog - Select yes for the options sets to load.It is a self-extracting zip archive - if you want to just "run it" from that Bb location, that's fine, it will unpack everything into a folder under the C:temp folder.There should be a "Lab Software" section, and a large ( 7 meg) archive that you will download from that site.Step 1 - Download the LAB_install_DS.Or you can download it locally, and then run it (it will still unpack to the Temp folder).
Step 6 - Finally, let's open up DataStudio, and set up the final configurations.
Now it will put up an "annoying" dialog - we'd like to be able to skip this in the future, so uncheck the "Show each time" item and then click for Open Activity.
(Different views from Explorer are shown.).
You will probably be given a choice - choose complete feature SET.
Don't run DataStudio yet, we have some more configuring.
EXE program - this will launch the Logger Pro installation program itself.
(Or, you could "open" it in place when you find it on the Bb site - it will self-extract into the temp folder.).Then click OK on the "info entered" dialog.Easy way - In the LTU_physics_DS folder, you should see a filed called datastudio_license - right-click on it and choose merge.At this point, DataStudio is ready to go!Do what you need to do to allow this installation mine just let me know that it was allowing.At some point in this process, you might see a Microsoft AntiSpyware notice or warning.(This is the older version - and then there is a link to the upgrade to take DataStudio.9.8 which is our current version.).There is a BlackBoard course set up for your lab section (it probably contains many sections, in a composite class).Follow the standard installation prompts, and use the suggested location for the program (should be C:Program FilesDataStudio ).