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Posers physically correct light fall-off produces more photo-real final renderings.
Poser Pro 2012 includes advanced Weight Map Rig support enabling vertex by vertex fine painting of joint bends and bulges, to generate better performing 3D characters that can be more easily posed with natural joints across the body.
New Nodes include SubSurface Skin, Fast Scatter, and basic Scatter.
Weight Map Rigging, high-end professional 3D applications like Max and Maya have set the standard for Weight Map Rigging, and now both Poser and Poser Pro provide the most open vertex Weight Mapping support available to Poser users today.For Poser content developers this new feature will enable you to deliver fully constructed scenes with dependencies and optimal render settings that require less user support and are far easier to use.queue manager note: If you have a combined Mac and Win Queue Manager render network of computers, you must run only the SR3.1 versions of the Queue Manager and the Poser Pro 2012 with SR3.1.If your Queue Manager render network is only Win systems, you may install the Poser Pro 2012 SR3.2 and Queue Manager SR3.2 updates across your network of systems.Mac SR3.1 Update, win SR3.1* Update, win SR3.2* Update.With Gamma Correction, specify gamma values for textures and exported images for linear rendering with increased luminance accuracy.Full Scene Category in Library, in the past, if you wanted to re-use a Poser scene with that perfect environment settings, lights, cameras, props and dependencies and even render settings, you had to build it, save it, then find and import.A new engine of rendering Firefly Poser Pro now supports the 2012 Indirect Lighting with Irradiance Caching for Global Lighting and Rendering with Ambient Occlusion.MD5 file Size: 81 MB (.zip win.2 file: PoserPro2012-SR3.2_win.Once youve created Weight Mapped figures using Poser Pro, they can be fully integrated into Poser 9 or any of the third hosting apps supported by PoserFusion.
Hybrid Rigging supports both traditional Poser Sphere and Capsule zones to be used in combination.
Another advance in Poser is the ability set-up both traditional zones and weight maps to affect body parts beyond the parent or child of the selected actor, enabling complex figures such as winged figures that need to interact with multiple bodyparts simultaneously.
The PoserFusion 2012 SR3.1 plug-ins are required to support the Poser Pro 2012 SR3.1 functionality.
If you have a combined Mac and Win Queue Manager render network and install SR3.2 on any Windows systems in that network, your Mac systems will no longer be supported by the Queue Manager.
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Improved Content Management system with drag and drop, auto conforming, search, meta data support, zone strength display for figure rigging, parameter change indicator and the Recent Render palette.
Poser Pro 2012 includes intuitive posing, animation, and rigging tools all designed to make working with 3D character content as easy as possible.Six unique Context Menus have been developed for Figures, Actors, Objects, Lights, Cameras and Backgrounds to provide quick access to the most useful menu operations including selecting, toggling IK on/off, copying symmetry in poses, pointing lights, conforming clothing, setting parenting, changing light types, and even.Smith Micro Poser Pro 2012 Poser 9 x32/64 Win/Mac Incl KeyGEN With Content Library.Weve invested time in Indirect Lighting (IDL) which now supports Ambient Occlusion (AO) with faster transparency rendering.This installer will update a number of included Poser content items with important fixes which will produce better results when rendering and posing.Do not use this updater autocad 2004 cho win 7 32bit on your main installation host computer that is running Poser Pro 2012, the host Queue Manager installation will be automatically updated when applying the Poser Pro 2012 Service Release.1.Poser Pro also supports both traditional grouped body part figures and single mesh figures.Other new features include multi-select drag and drop from Posers Library, Expanded Context Menus for better workflow, new camera modes to focus on your selected area, pressure sensitive tablet support in the Morph Brush and Weight Map Painting tools.Link Download, poser Pro 2012 Full Cracked, expanded Context Menus, sometimes, its the simple things that make the biggest difference.Mac.1 File: PoserPro2012-SR3.1_mac.Poser Pro 2012 is designed with Poser Character Creators in mind and includes a suite of Weight Map editing tools including Weight Auto-transfer to permit the creation of new weight mapped figures from an existing rig, generation of new Weight Maps from existing Poser Zones.Weight Map Support for third party figures is delivered within our native poser file format, the PZ3, an open, well documented format that has been at the heart of the creative Poser community for over 15 years.The Scatter Node includes a number of optimized pre-sets for Skin, Marble, Milk, Fruit and Vegetables.