remove office 2010 trial key from registry

I tried changing my product key, but it wouldnt accept my (legitimate) key.
I just got off the phone with a Dell techie who solved this problem: that being the full (Trial) version of Office 2010 was installed along with my factory installed Student Version and I could not delete the Trial apps that continued to farm frenzy 1 games full version bug.
Expand the key and then delete the F01FEC" key.
If it exists, rename "Microsoft Office" to "Microsoft Office OLD".Select each subkey and then look in the right pane to view all its values.Click "Continue" and allow the system to reconfigure.March 31, 2015, by: Nick Peers, if you are having problems reinstalling Microsoft Office 2013 on your porque sorriso maroto krafta Windows 8 computer, some leftover registry keys may be the problem.Unfortunately, it only wiped 20, but luckily, its a vbs file and therefore editable.Delete everything in temp and empty the recycle bin.RED x " Not Available.I had been running the beta version, and had updated it to the RTM version available on msdn.Ive just made it through a pretty nasty problem with Office.I did have the registry permissions problem with hkey_classes, and walked through the solution outlined here.
I thought Id give it a whirl.
This procedure works in both Windows.1 and.
If it exists, rename "OfficeUpdate12" to "OfficeUpdate12OLD".Luckily for me) a colleague had some really nasty problems last year that required him completely removing Office 2007 from his computer.As it turns out, that had nothing to do with it, as this is expected behaviour, but I decided to do a full uninstall and reinstall.If the Student Version was factory installed and you have the product KEY (essential you can go to m and redownload the Student Version and reinstall using the KEY-however, do not be too quick to click next, etc., etc, as the window which has two.Delete all values that have the specified name and data.