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PS I just now as I am typing this text, got Sony Vegas Pro 12 trial, so if you get this (I would recommend it) and have any questions, just ask!
If, on the other hand you are a professional user then check out the pro features and see what you think.Vegas Pro 13 balances a powerful feature set with a beginner friendly interface and workflow, and a wallet friendly price.A few improvements have also been made to project archiving wherein all the media files related to a project are saved into one location, included nested timelines.Now go to the part where you start to recoil.Trial versions available, tech Specs, operating System: Windows 7, 8.1 (64-bit).I checked Sony Vegas website and it says MOV is one supported video format, why can't I import MOV into Sony Vegas?Why some of son of hamas book my MOV files can not be imported into Sony Vegas while some ones can?However in practice some users find that some of the MOVs they try to import into Sony Vegas are refused by Sony Vegas while as per Sony Vegas website MOV is written clearly as one of the supported video format, which will confuse some users.Besides converting MOV to mpeg-2, iDealshare VideoGo can also convert other Sony Vegas non-supported video formats to Song Vegas supported mpeg-2, like converting WTV to mpeg-2, SWF to mpeg-2, rmvb to mpeg-2, AMV to mpeg-2, F4V to mpeg-2, etc.How to Convert MOV to Sony Vegas with iDealshare VideoGo?I believe most video fans are familiar with Sony Vegas, the non-liner video editing software, which can help users to edit videos, audios or burn DVDs.
All you have to do is click and hold ctrl key, and do what you would do to cut the scene, but you should see a jagged line beneath it, this is used to speed the clip up or slow it down.
Right click on the video, click on Media FX, and click on "Chroma Keyer." In the box that says color, it should show a blue rectangle.
Also great for the broadcast market, Vegas 13s Proxy-First workflow can offer some real time saving benefits.
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To more easily facilitate the process the app also turns the iPad into a gesture activated control pad.In the other two boxes where you type, make them zero.In the box marked focus, type.871 (again, has to be in spotlight mode, but change back once done.) In the box marked ambience, type.871 again.Well, when an overly loud commercial interrupted a certain congresswomans family dinner a few years back, the result was a broadly accepted piece of legislation that became known as the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation (calm) Act.To get converting MOV to mpeg-2 job done completely we will use a functional MOV to Sony Vegas Converter named iDealshare VideoGo.They may be simple, inexpensive programs that pretty much do everything for you or they may be very sophisticated and powerful with steep learning curves and a price tag to match.Now close this out.Except for the new pro features in version 13, not a lot has changed.Now click on the small arrow in front of the word location, and in the box that is marked source, type.205,.169,.550.Free download the ideal MOV to Sony Vegas Converter - iDealshare VideoGo ( for Windows, for Mac install and run it, the following interface will pop.Is there some tool to help make it?Step 2 Select mpeg-2 as the exporting format.