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Micro Focus Environment Variables, uNIX Key Usage Chart, these tables are provided partly for general information but also so that you can enter non-text characters in source which is to be uploaded and compiled on the the scorch trials audiobook no mainframe.
You can assign conversion tables to the nodes.
Ascii TO ebcdic dec hex char dec hex dec hex char dec hex E A 211 D3 010 0A B 011 0B 011 0B 011 0B 012 0C 012 0C 012 0C 012 0C 013 0D 013 0D 013 0D 013 0D 014 0E 014.
This means the hexadecimal ebcdic value for E is X'C5'.Note: You must always replace a 2-digit hexadecimal number with a 2-digit hexadecimal number.The actual symbols displayed in the char column might not be the ones displayed on any particular machine.See the following ascii to ebcdic table.If you want the E to be represented by a different ebcdic hexadecimal value you can edit this value in this table.For standard ascii support, you can use the assic file.To replace the default table, you can rename the existing comtblg.Dat file, and then rename the existing assic file to become the new comtblg.For more information, see.X'10 DLE x'10 DLE x'30 x'50 x'26 x'70 ø x'F8 ø x'11 DC1 x'11 DC1 x'31 x'51 é x'E9 é x'71 É x'C9 É x'12 DC2 x'12 DC2 x'32 SYN x'16 SYN x'52 ê x'EA ê x'72 Ê x'CA Ê x'13 DCE x'13 DC3 x'33.
Micro Focus Environment Variables unix Key Usage Chart.
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The second hexadecimal digit is 5, so you can move across to column.
046 2E 075 4B K 210 D2 076 4C 060 3C 076 4C L 211 D3 077 4D ( D M 212 D4 078 4E 043 2B 078 4E N 213 D5 079 4F 179 B3 079 4F O 214 D6 080 50 P 215.X'7A : x'3A : x'1B CU1 x'3B CU3 x'5B x'24 x'7B # x'23 # x'1C FS x'1C FS x'3C DC4 x'14 DC4 x'5C * x'2A * x'7C @ x'40 @ x'1D GS x'1D GS x'3D NAK x'15 NAK x'5D ) x'29 ) x'7D ' x'27.X'6B, x'2C, x'0C FF x'0C FF x'2C x'4C x'3C x'6C x'25 x'0D CR x'0D CR x'2D ENQ x'05 ENQ x'4D ( x'28 ( x'6D _ x'5F _ x'0E SO x'0E SO x'2E ACK x'06 ACK x'4E x'2B x'6E x'3E x'0F SI x'0F OF x'2F BEL.075 4B 047 2F F / D 9 058 3A 233 E9 058 3A : 122 7A 059 3B 235 EB 059 3B ; 094 5E 060 3C 176 B0 060 3C 076 4C 061 3D 177 B1 061 3D 126 7E 062 3E 158.Dat file to create new customized tables of your own.This document and the proprietary marks and names used herein are protected by international law.When a transfer is competed and the data is converted to ebcdic, the new value is used.The ebcdic to ascii table works the same way.X'00 - x'1F x'20 - x'3F x'40 - x'5F x'60 - x'7F, ebcdic, ascii, ebcdic, ascii, ebcdic, ascii, ebcdic, ascii x'00, nUL x'00, nUL x'20, dS x'40 x'20 x'60 - x'2D - x'01.Only symbols in the displayable ascii encoding set (032 through 126) are shown in the char column for compatibility between ascii and ebcdic.If the table is invalid, conversion cannot be performed.SOH x'21, sOS x'41 x'61 / x'2F / x'02, sTX x'02, sTX x'22, fS x'1C, fS x'42 â x'E2 â x'62 Â x'C2 Â x'03 ETX x'03 ETX x'23 WUS x'43 ä x'E4 ä x'63 Ä x'C4 Ä x'04 PF x'24 BYP x'44 à x'E0.A Z 233 E9 091 5B B 173 AD 092 5C * 042 2A 092 5C 224 E0 093 5D ) D 189 BD 094 5E ; 059 3B 094 5E 095 5F 095 5F 094 5E 095 5F _ 109 6D D / 047.