tonari no kaibutsu-kun episode 3 eng sub

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And as an added bonus, hopefully this means well get to see a full powered Astolfo in the future since Sieg is probably the best being in the whole world that could serve as a Master infinite mana circuits and all.
While it remains to be seen just whatll happen now since Shirou has the actual Greater Holy Grail, Im sure itll be a run ride figuring it out.After a short one week hiatus (I dont consider half episodes an episode, sue me).Sieg becoming a bona fide master with one of the cutest servants left?In any case, Ill catch you guys next week where things will hopefully get even crazier.Seeing how hes a former Ruler-Class Servant who somehow managed to chain himself to the earth and has now lived under a different persona for sixty years just to prepare for this very moment, I think we should all at least give him a round.Vlad / Darnic actually getting completely wrecked by Shirou?Even if his wish is to bring salvation to the human world, theres just something wrong about watching a Servant blatantly breaking the rules of the game that hes supposed to be a part.We got to see the factions get shaken up and characters who were deemed useless have finally been given an opportunity to show their skills.
Apocrypha makes its triumphant return to our screens with so much exposition that I felt like I had just read a book by the time the episode came to a close.
All that said, I am also a stickler for the rules of the Fate universe and it really bothers me to see Shirou going completely against the natural order of things.
OP2 Sequence, oP2 : ASH by LiSA saigo no Masutaa smart boot manager 3.7 iso the Last Master, off with their heads or something along those lines.
Mordred doing something freaking awesome instead of being a crazy meat head?Lets start with Shirou first.Spoiler Policy: Please enclose major spoilers with spoiler tags.So, what do we talk about first?The most satisfying moment had to be watching Mordred execute Astolfos former master without a moment of hesitation.With so many different moving pieces as well as the Yggdmillennia clan plus Mordred and Shishigou to account for, itd probably be a little rude of us not to be impressed with Shirous ridiculous planning.