translate spanish to english urban dictionary

(lit.: at all machine) a toda prisa idiom.
Culture and culture from a latin american country, and prefer speaking both languages instead of one or the other (also can interchange languages at will).
Apparently; apparent; by appearances al pedo phrase.
So that, which means that.(lit.: to the devil;.b.: used as an expression of frustration or anger) al dope phrase useless; a waste of time.At the level;.4 The language which has the funny letter " ñ andy: hey look!(used active directory users and computers tools in Venezuela) a la altura idiom.(lit.: by the bull gone past) a trabajar idiom.
Right now; this minute al azar idiom.
Many Spanish people speak Spanglish when they are learning or talking in English.
When alls said and done; when it comes down.
(lit.: adam) aguafiestas.m.
(lit.: twin souls) almeja.f.
Kick up a fuss armarse la gorda idiom.Top definition, coger unknown, this word can make a misunderstanding between Spanish speakers of different places.(lit.: at the least) al oro idiom.Piece of junk; old, ratty thing.Raise hell; make a fuss.