virtualbox guest additions iso centos

Once I login to the rebooted system, I type: ls /sbin/mount.
If everything went well, you can now use the additional functionality provided by the VirtualBox Guest Additions.Installation of CentOS as a guest new puzzle games 2013 OS is much like installing on real hardware.I've followed the instructions for getting the shared folder "Mountable" by using this code: VBoxManage sharedfolder add "test - 250" -name "github" avs for you activation keygen -hostpath "C:filepathgithub".Installing dkms from the.If you are not using a standard CentOS kernel, you must acquire and install the source for your kernel from wherever you got the kernel.The problem here is that I'm getting the following message: mount: unknown filesystem type 'vobxsf looking at this further, I'm told that in the /sbin/ folder, there should be a file called mount.Yum install dkms, if dkms is not used the Guest Additions will need to be reinstalled after every kernel update.
What am I doing wrong?
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If autorun is enabled in a GUI you may get a window asking if you want to let the autorun execute, and asking for root authorization.
If dkms (Dynamic Kernel Module Support) is installed it will be used and will simplify kernel upgrades.
Epel repository is recommended before installing VirtualBox.
Start the VM and perform a graphical install, or if desired a text install.
(last edited 11:06:18 by TimothyLee ).Vboxsf, where there is not.This page created by PhilSchaffner.Wget rpm -import /RPM-GPG-KEY.Where "test - 250" is the name of the VM, "github" is the name of the folder as I'd like to call it in my VM, and "C:filepathgithub" is the directory path on the Windows host where I can find the contents I would like.In the host OS (not in the CentOS VM) go to rtualbox.When such issues arise we will try to post applicable patches here, until this issue is fixed by vBox.Update your system, specifically you want to the latest kernel otherwise your VirtualBox modules might be built for the wrong kernel version: yum update.