visual studio 2012 release candidate today

Team Explorer Everywhere improvements, bring more of the new Team Explorer experience.
We now use and support circle surround ii windows 7 the open source T serializer for handling of json data.
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Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate will gta vice cd games feature some user interface changes, all thanks to feeback received from beta testers.Rendering bundles in Beta required some goofy syntax and a lot of repetitive namespaces.They've added a bunch of splashes of color, brightened the background and made the status bar change cdc body mass index measurement in schools color depending on your status.Templates and more, having good Templates is very important and we'll have even more additions and improvements to templates between now and the final release.Dozens and dozens of improvements and new "smarts" have gone into the CSS, JavaScript and html editors.T Web Forms (like it or not, haters!Tiny Happy Features for Front End Web Developers.Remember the horrible scrolling menus? .Folks asked for it!As with all pre-release software, be careful.
Ability to use an embedded version of the work item editor from web access (handy if you have custom work item controls that you dont want to have to write for both web and Java).
Automatically convert VS2010 publish profiles to the new VS2012 format.
There's a lot of nice improvements for Web Development in this release candidate as we march towards a final release.
We made some additional improvements to our colors and theming a particularly good example is Source Control Explorer in dark theme. .
This will be fixed in release.Heres some of the feature enhancements: Feature Enablement, this is a new capability in Web Access that allow you to enable new features (like Code Review, feedback, the Taskboard, etc) in your process template without having to break out your favorite text editor and start.EF 5 database migrations included out of the box in the T MVC 4 Basic Template Add Controller to any project folder Bundling and minification built in The configuration logic For MVC applications has been moved from to a set of static classes in the.Changes to Version Control context menus Weve received plenty of feedback that some of our context menus particularly Solution Explorer and Source Control Explorer, are just too long? .You can enable tracing by providing an ITraceWriter implementation and adding it to your web API configuration.You can work around it by installing IIS8 from the Windows 8 Add Features control panel.I also like that we're shipping Modernizr, Knockout, jQuery, jQuery validation and jQuery Mobile in our templates and you can bring it hundreds more with NuGet as you like.Check the current draft out here: m/fwlink/?LinkId245977, improved TFS database restore, knowing that a lot of people will choose to take the opportunity to move their TFS server to new hardware as they upgrade to TFS 11, weve build some new tooling to make restoring.Improved upgrade guidance, its still work in progress but were working hard on untangling the mess of possible upgrade combinations and making it easier for people to choose a path and have clear concise guidance for. .One gotcha that I know of so far for those of you who are totally riding the beta train.