winsxs cleanup win 2008 r2

Using the /ResetBase switch with the /StartComponentCleanup parameter of dism.
Visiting Indian Ocean and Reunion Island?The Disk Cleanup Wizard, well, if you're running W 7 SP1 (or.x) with the patch I talked in my previous post, then it's no brainer.No dobrá, ístá instalace cca.ESX Virtualization site has started as a simple bookmarking site, but quickly found a large following of readers and subscribers.VHD disk jsem si offline pipojil ( mount ) a pustil na nho sdelete s parametrem Z, kter vyistí (vynuluje) volné místo, take následn compact/shrink bude mnohem úinnjí (a taky bude mnohem déle trvat).
Let's scooby doo 2002 scrappy start with the easy way by going through the cleaning assistant (is also present if you add Desktop Experience feature on 2008R2 and W2012, W2012R2) then through one tweak and finish with some CLI commands.
Server runs Kaspersky 10 Endpoint Security (Cloud version).
Same for 2012R2 (W2012).
SP1, dokonce se to download, uRL tak jmenuje, nechápu, pro to rovnou nepojmenují.
I've previously reported on easy way to shrink that winsxs folder in Windows 7 by installing a patch which adds a new function to the default Windows cleaning wizard and allows to select Windows unused patches left behind taking valuable space.
Kind Regards, lourens g g.Uvidíme jak to dopadne.Taky by m zajímalo, co vlastn odstranil, protoe z vpisu Win32_QuickFixEngineering zmizela jenom jedna starí aktualizace.It removes previous versions of the files updated by Windows Updates.Exe on a running version of Windows.1 removes all superseded versions of every component in the component store.To znamená, e se do dynamicky rostoucího ( dynamically expanding ) VHD(x) souboru musí vdy umístit celch 2/32 MB, i kdy je z tohoto obsazen ve skutenosti jen jeden sektor.OR, completely disable system restore points.Adresá, c:WindowsSoftwareDistribution ml ped itním 857 MB a adresá, c:WindowsWinSxS.09.No následoval sysprep a vypnutí virtuálního poítae.The problem with fat WinSxS folder is that especially on systems with 1st or 2nd generation SSD drives which provided less capacity than today's modern SSDs which offers at least 256Gb.