wpf passwordbox binding securestring

I am attempting to get the data from a wpf password box into a secure string.
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I'm no expert on the PasswordBox control or security, but I do know that you don't want to be storing the user's password in plain text anywhere in memory within your application (Technically, it's stored as plain text in ssword - you can use something.
A keylogger could get you the same information.).The reason for this is, that the password property is not backed by a DependencyProperty.Flyinghippie Commented.February 2011 right i am on on the 20th april if you want my pass i will tell you on there the price is 50 pounds flying hippie Commented.February 2011 we will bid starting on 50 and on sever polor.The typed in characters are replaced by asterisks.Aren't you just making a very big security hole by doing this?Does anyone have an idea how to handle the problem?You made my day, thanks!To limit the length of the password a user clannad episode 20 sub indo can enter set the MaxLength property to the amount of characters you allow.
Public static class PasswordHelper public static readonly DependencyProperty PasswordProperty gisterAttached Password typeof (string typeof (PasswordHelper new, OnPasswordPropertyChanged public static readonly DependencyProperty AttachProperty gisterAttached Attach typeof (bool typeof (PasswordHelper new, propertyMetadata(false, Attach private static readonly DependencyProperty IsUpdatingProperty gisterAttached IsUpdating typeof (bool typeof (PasswordHelper public static void.
Commented on rch 2011 Thanks, you saved my day Daniel Commented on rch 2011 Great, thank you.
StackPanel PasswordBox w:tach"True" w:ssword"Binding Text, ElementNameplain, ModeTwoWay" Width"130 TextBlock Padding"10,0" x:Name"plain" / /StackPanel The PasswordHelper is attached to the password box by calling the tach property.It is not possible to bind the value of a PasswordBox in WPF/mvvm.Praveen Gupta Commented.July 2011 good code for help me thanks Abraham Commented on gust 2011 good work Joe Commented on gust 2011 Took me a while to figure this out, but here is a bit more complete bit of xaml showing how.It causes xaml to say "The attachable property 'Attach' was not found in type 'PasswordHelper'.Turns out the NavigationService blanks this password.Email: karle Commented.June 2011 For my understanding this code can never run, because calling SetPassword will reset the binding.Ravi, commented on gust 2010 thi is very nice wert, commented on gust 2010 twerwetr JKOne Commented.October 2010 The Input Panel in Windows 7 doesn't work with the PasswordBox within WPF projects.The password box control is a special type of TextBox designed to enter passwords.PasswordBox x:Name"passwordBox" PasswordChar / Limit the length of the password.Normand Bedard Commented on cember 2010 When using validation input on passwordbox (implementing IDataErrorInfo the red line around the box appear, but the error message text when moving mouse over the passwordbox does not appear.