yuv to avi converter

I want to convert an avi file to an yuv file.
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During the video format conversion, the video bitrate is measured and the bitrate curve can be shown.A little explanation of all other parameters: With -f rawvideo you set the input format to a raw video container.Interactive bitrate curve In the web interface, YUV Convert can show you the video bitrate curve.For both the input and output videos, the interface also supplies a slide bar to seek to a particular frame.You can type ffmpeg -pix_fmts to get a list of all available formats.FFMpeg can manipulate raw YUV as well.That's a very convenient way to subjectively compare two videos (at two different bitrate for example).Avisynth for raw yuv,., but, can you explain why do have raw avi at all?
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YUV Convert also supports uncompressed YUV formats as input (4:2:0 planar, 4:2:2 planar, 4:2:2 uyvy, 4:2:2 yuyv, 4:4:4 planar).
Its video parameters are also displayed: codec, frame dimensions, frame rate, number of frames, duration, audio sampling rate, audio duration, etc.
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Manao 26th August 2006, 20:01, you download rawsource.So if you can play your video files in a media player (like Windows Media mz ultimate tweaker 5.9 Player, or Media Player Classic, etc.The value of the video bitrate at the center of the curve is also displayed.It can even run on a laptop.This curve is interactive: just select a portion of it and YUV Convert will zoom on this area.Then we get this command to do your compression.YUV Convert also supports, hDR (High-Dynamic Range) formats OpenEXR and rgbe.If you want intel 8 bit 4:2:0 fourcc "iyuv" in AVI container.FFmpeg command line tool.If the chroma seems completely wrong, replace "I420" by "YV12" ( or "yuyv" by "uyvy" ).This conversion can be made linearly or using.The parameters (duration, dimensions, etc.) of each video are also indicated.Comparing two videos can be very useful when benchmarking encoders or decoders.